1. Hi Philippe,

    This is an amazing work. Both Concept & Architecture, as well as the Visualizations. I love those deconstructed renders that show how the structure actually builds up.

    It will be very interesting to know what modeling technique you used for this project.

    Ronen Bekerman (bakbek)

  2. Verry nice design and great 3D renderings.

    Better this building style then most of today city dissasters.

    Great this all can happen in Virtual Reality yet.

    But for me this is not the answer to live in harmony with nature.

    But keep goying Vincent and Pixel Lab… Great work…

  3. Hi pixel! great image!

    though the flickr page is set as private, i would love to see them in high res : ) will it be possible for us to view them?

    thank you!

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