Frosted Mirror

September 29, 2009 Philippe 10

update / 04-nov-2009 added material details After making a quick test for a frosted mirror material (sort of frosted glass in front of a mirror) I couldn’t resist making a nice studio render with heavy post production :)

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Masks : Essential tools for your CG workflow 1/2

September 28, 2009 Philippe 14

update 1-oct-2009/ thanks to Peter, I’ve learned that Multimatte workd by default with object IDs. The topic has then be corrected/completed update 27-oct-2009/ added some info on the “Affect channel : All channels” option of a material When it come to archviz rendering, one of the first thing to learn […]

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Displacement and Gamma issues #2

September 10, 2009 Philippe 0

Seems that the solution was far more simple than I thought in my previous post : Just use the Gamma Override when you load the bitmap in max and I’ll work like a charm !

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Displacement and Gamma issues with V-Ray

September 8, 2009 Philippe 2

This might intrest thos who work in Linear color mapping with a gamma curve (like the so called Linear Workflow LWF with 2.2 gamma correction). I recently bumped into an annoying side effect of putting an input gamma for bitmap files other than 1.0 in Max : Diplacement maps gets […]