Frosted Mirror

update / 04-nov-2009 added material details

After making a quick test for a frosted mirror material (sort of frosted glass in front of a mirror) I couldn’t resist making a nice studio render with heavy post production :)

Frosted Mirror

Material of frosted mirror consist of a pure mirror behind (inside on the modelling point of view) a thick layer of glass, which refraction & reflection have approx 0.65 in glossiness. In the example above I’ve mixed the map with transparent glass to compare the frosted effect aside from clear glass.

Material don't contain actually any blend mat nor mix map, only a black & white map dimmed in reflection & refraction glossiness


  1. thanks!
    I am actually trying to make similar material for a mirror but with the frosted glass lines, so its like opposite of what you have. Usually I use photoshop, but looking at your render it now I am trying to achieve similar result.

    Looks like blend material with a mask is the only option to achieve that, but if you have used different technique, then I would really love to hear it.

  2. great stuff!! would you mind sharing some tips and tutorials about your post production techniques ? =) … i really need some tutorials focusing on that part of CG visualization …

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