Populate plugin in action

Following my last post on populate plugin, it has proved to be really useful for me for this particular job. Thanks Marc !

If you’ve not tried it yet, you should ! And according to his facebook page, Marc Lorenz (the creator of the plugin) seems to be working on exciting new features…

image pixelab ©2011 / project by Jean Didier Steenackers for Ecotemis ©2011

more details about this image after the break :)


Aside from the modeling, the post-prod on this image was quite heavy since the whole night shot had to be done from this day picture !



  1. It’as actually a mix of 3D and post. Glass structure, benches and global illumination are from 3D. Picture was adapted after to match the desired athmosphere (e.g. the trees in the background are cutout illuminated in photoshop)

  2. u like your sky, its so clear and crisp, i have seen all ur images kind of crispness ur images shows is highly appreciable. how do you get that kind of crispness?
    request: pls give some tips to achieve such wonderfull clearity and crispness.


    Hitendra Singh

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