Zanotta 884 Evolution – WIP #1

It’s been a long time that I wanted to model this chair. I’ve never done a piece of furniture only in quads, I hope this time I’ll be the case. Mesh still need some tweaking and after that I’m wondering how to do the cushion. Maybe I’ll give a look at Marvelous designer…

The chair is available on zanotta website but it’s real crappy ! Designconnected’s version seems better but somehow inaccurate for some parts.

Zanotta_Evolution 884


  1. Hi,

    Good to see you back after a long time. I have been doing furniture modeling, mostly oak wooden….which are easier. So I am interested in following your blog, about furniture modeling, such as the type you have mentioned.

    I did check zanotta and designconnected’s version of the same. When seen closely, Both seem to be modeled for visual effect of different materials, for cushioning…zanotta seems made up of soft molded material and designconnected version seems harder rubber like material.

    Looking forward to your completed version.


    • Hi Sachin!

      I’m lucky to have one of this chair at home, so I can model it really accurately, I’ll try to be as much as realistic for the material.
      DC model is fine, but as you said it gives out a too “hard” feeling.

      Hope you are doing good !


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