Open Bar !

I recently had to make images for an Hotel an had to include nice bars into different places. I looked on the web to buy a nice bottle collection, but didn’t find any in the usual locations. To my surprise, I finally stumbled upon a free collection of 3d bottles on tf3dm (free 3D model) by 3dregenerator. These are more “supermarket bottles” than upper class alchools, but they were fine in my renders. While it was adversting vray mat, it wasn’t the case and I had to rework all the shaders in vray. You can grab the final collection with reworked realistic shaders for vray HERE. (texture used are the low-res ones, but you can d/l the high res maps on tf3dm) All credits goes to 3dregenrator.

Here is a render with a simple studio HDR and a wire to admire the nice flow of 3dregen polys.

Bottles_D Bottles_wire

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