DJi Mavic Pro + Strobe + Smoke

Long time no post, as usual ! This time it’s not GC related but only a photoshoot we did at the office to stage a drone crossing a smoke screen.

The idea was to capture nice god rays and it turned out more difficult than expected (as when you try in CG !) The good surprise were the turbulences created by the propellers giving a wind tunnel look to some of the shots.

We try different light setups :

  • Godox SK 400 Strobe with 90 x 60 cm softbox – horizontal – rf triggered
  • Bare Godox SK 400 Strobe from above – rf triggered
  • Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlite on the ground – rf triggered 2,4 Ghz had some interference with the drone in the beginning

Smoke was done with a Stairville AF-40 Mini Fog Machine (don’t forget to turn off your smoke detectors ;)

All pictures are done with a Nikon D800

Main issue was the background. White walls, doors, ceiling are not ideal when trying low key photography, I should invest in a a black backdrop to avoid interference of the bouncing light.



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