Open Bar !

November 18, 2013 Philippe 1

I recently had to make images for an Hotel an had to include nice bars into different places. I looked on the web to buy a nice bottle collection, but didn’t find any in the usual locations. To my surprise, I finally stumbled upon a free collection of 3d bottles […]

Frosted Mirror

September 29, 2009 Philippe 10

update / 04-nov-2009 added material details After making a quick test for a frosted mirror material (sort of frosted glass in front of a mirror) I couldn’t resist making a nice studio render with heavy post production :)

OSB material

April 29, 2009 Philippe 7

Here is a simple OSB material I did for a recent project. Just one texture, I was lazy to do reflexion + bump and the result was already satisfying. Original texture is from cgtextures, was tweaked to be huge, square and tilable…

Fog Bias parameter test in Vray Material

September 14, 2008 Philippe 13

I did notice this new parameter¬† since the 1.5 Service Pack 1, and decided to make some test. Actually, this parameter does exactly what I need… but it’s quite hard to explain and an image will be clearer than thousands of word : Let’s say that it quickens the darkening […]