Virtual visit of the Vaillant House

February 26, 2010 Philippe 4

Pixelab rencently did for Luon some CG stills and wireframe animations of key rooms of a contemporary house for a Vaillant marketing campaign. Virtual visit is here (French or Dutch) Images rendered with V-Ray and in-between animations with V-Ray toon, enjoy !

I wish you a bright 2010

December 30, 2009 Philippe 1

I hope the year was good for you and I wish you a 2010 full of joy. I’ll try to update my blog a bit more this year, let’s say that it is one of my new year’s resolutions :)

Sandsculpture image, sunny style

June 22, 2009 Philippe 4

This illustration was fun to make, great client, thanks to the trubosquid community for the (not so cheap :) models! Final brochure here : Raw final image :

No Picture

pixelab main website update

March 6, 2009 Philippe 0

Now wide screen & simplier, the new version is mostly oriented on user friendly galleries, with better display of images. Those are now downloadable with a simple right click. Enjoy !

Vincent Callebaut Lilypads

June 18, 2008 Philippe 5

New set of images added on pixelab main website. This project has ready been covered in a national newspaper and on multiple blogs but credits for the images are often missing. I’ll do a more complete article with some wires of this project but … I’ll have to find time […]