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Two hospital CG animations

January 22, 2010 Philippe 1

Last year I was invovled in the creation of two videos for two architectural competition for Quick-it. Both were hospitals, both in France. First time for me to work with 3D animated people, those were AXYZ design people with manually tweaked bip files. We also tried the wind option technique […]

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Masks : Essential tools for your CG workflow 1/2

September 28, 2009 Philippe 14

update 1-oct-2009/ thanks to Peter, I’ve learned that Multimatte workd by default with object IDs. The topic has then be corrected/completed update 27-oct-2009/ added some info on the “Affect channel : All channels” option of a material When it come to archviz rendering, one of the first thing to learn […]

Vincent Callebaut Lilypads

June 18, 2008 Philippe 5

New set of images added on pixelab main website. This project has ready been covered in a national newspaper and on multiple blogs but credits for the images are often missing. I’ll do a more complete article with some wires of this project but … I’ll have to find time […]

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Madou Tower at Dusk

September 20, 2007 Philippe 2

No CG this time / Even if the atmosphere and colors on CG representations of towers are often exaggerated imo, this picture of the Madou Tower (located in Brussels) I took this week may contradict me. Useful as color scheme reference for future works, with this nice Blue/Orange opposition…