Zanotta 884 Evolution – WIP #1

May 3, 2013 Philippe 2

It’s been a long time that I wanted to model this chair. I’ve never done a piece of furniture only in quads, I hope this time I’ll be the case. Mesh still need some tweaking and after that I’m wondering how to do the cushion. Maybe I’ll give a look at […]

Populate plugin in action

July 1, 2011 Philippe 4

Following my last post on populate plugin, it has proved to be really useful for me for this particular job. Thanks Marc ! If you’ve not tried it yet, you should ! And according to his facebook page, Marc Lorenz (the creator of the plugin) seems to be working on […]

No Picture

Populate plugin now open to beta

May 10, 2011 Philippe 0

Small post to let you know that populate plugin beta by Marc Lorenz has been released. I made a quick test and it looks really promising !! Share your creations in the flickr pool

Expanded metal with normal maps (VRayNormalMap)

April 22, 2011 Philippe 14

Last year, Peter posted an interesting article on how to make nice looking expanded metal with displacement maps (this technique is covered here on my blog or here on BBB3 blog) That reminded me an old project of doing this material only with opacity & normal map and after some […]