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Displacement and Gamma issues #2

September 10, 2009 Philippe 0

Seems that the solution was far more simple than I thought in my previous post : Just use the Gamma Override when you load the bitmap in max and I’ll work like a charm !

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Displacement and Gamma issues with V-Ray

September 8, 2009 Philippe 2

This might intrest thos who work in Linear color mapping with a gamma curve (like the so called Linear Workflow LWF with 2.2 gamma correction). I recently bumped into an annoying side effect of putting an input gamma for bitmap files other than 1.0 in Max : Diplacement maps gets […]

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Switching to LWF

July 11, 2007 Philippe 0

For those who doesn’t know about the “Linear Workflow” aka LWF in CG, you have to check this tutorial. Written by Gijs de Zwart, it explains the way to migrate easily, with very clear schematics to understand the whole process. Especially useful if you work with the 3dsmax & V-Ray […]