Expanded metal with normal maps (VRayNormalMap)

April 22, 2011 Philippe 14

Last year, Peter posted an interesting article on how to make nice looking expanded metal with displacement maps (this technique is covered here on my blog or here on BBB3 blog) That reminded me an old project of doing this material only with opacity & normal map and after some […]

No Picture

Displacement and Gamma issues #2

September 10, 2009 Philippe 0

Seems that the solution was far more simple than I thought in my previous post : Just use the Gamma Override when you load the bitmap in max and I’ll work like a charm !

OSB material

April 29, 2009 Philippe 7

Here is a simple OSB material I did for a recent project. Just one texture, I was lazy to do reflexion + bump and the result was already satisfying. Original texture is from cgtextures, was tweaked to be huge, square and tilable…