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Displacement and Gamma issues #2

September 10, 2009 Philippe 0

Seems that the solution was far more simple than I thought in my previous post : Just use the Gamma Override when you load the bitmap in max and I’ll work like a charm !

OSB material

April 29, 2009 Philippe 7

Here is a simple OSB material I did for a recent project. Just one texture, I was lazy to do reflexion + bump and the result was already satisfying. Original texture is from cgtextures, was tweaked to be huge, square and tilable…

Fog Bias parameter test in Vray Material

September 14, 2008 Philippe 13

I did notice this new parameter  since the 1.5 Service Pack 1, and decided to make some test. Actually, this parameter does exactly what I need… but it’s quite hard to explain and an image will be clearer than thousands of word : Let’s say that it quickens the darkening […]

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Opacity map performance tweak in VRay

March 18, 2008 Philippe 11

I recently did some test to confirm that disabling the map filtering op an Opacity map in a VRay material improves performance. This is a well know trick that can save you some time if your scene contain a lot of these kind of maps. All following tests are done with the […]