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Masks : Essential tools for your CG workflow 1/2

September 28, 2009 Philippe 14

update 1-oct-2009/ thanks to Peter, I’ve learned that Multimatte workd by default with object IDs. The topic has then be corrected/completed update 27-oct-2009/ added some info on the “Affect channel : All channels” option of a material When it come to archviz rendering, one of the first thing to learn […]

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Material case study – Mac PRO

August 29, 2007 Philippe 2

As a small case study, i modelled & rendered this Mac pro in approx 5 hours of work. The puprose was to mimic the aluminium case material and the studio setup used in Apple commercial stills. Originally, it was tought to be lowpoly, but I’ve finally added many edges in […]